2d artwork


Here are some concept materials I’m working on. I’m really not sure about which idea to pursue with what changes.
In order:

1. Elevation/’building plan’ for the architecture/typography project. The blue shape is the camera angle seen in the first color plate.
2. Color plate/texture study for the architecture/typograph project.
3. Color plate for the larva loop project.
4. GIF loop animatic for the larva loop project.



Concept: In both cases, I’m hinting at a process without literally showing it. In the first, I’m trying to show the action of a hay baler while abstracting the machine itself. In the second, I’d like to make a parallel between the architecture of a city and the architecture of the brain. Information will look like traffic flows.

Premise: What if…these are non-narrative, so concept and premise are similar here.

Color plate:

Final character design & environment concept sketch

I’m going a slightly way on this project – since my primary interest is rendering and environments, I’m going to use my character as a prop and animate an environmental factor – in this case, dust collecting around the character. The character will be textured as a toy.

First, here’s my finished character design:

Here’s my environment concept sketch – just blocking out basic lighting and a touch of color at this point.