Final character design & environment concept sketch

I’m going a slightly way on this project – since my primary interest is rendering and environments, I’m going to use my character as a prop and animate an environmental factor – in this case, dust collecting around the character. The character will be textured as a toy.

First, here’s my finished character design:

Here’s my environment concept sketch – just blocking out basic lighting and a touch of color at this point.

Rendered character

My ‘final’ rendered model with texture. Liked the fur. It’s pretty smooth when you use the software renderer.

Room for improvement:

  • Some metal/damage/interface detail around the leg sockets would be nice
  • I don’t love the head plastic texture – I was going for the old beige computer case look, but since the head is the only part with that material, it might look odd
  • The wings aren’t nearly as subtle as I’d like. They’re transparent, and they have a nice rainbow reflection at the right angle….but the veins seem fuzzy to me.