Milestones 4 & 5

Lost in iteration-land.

Ok, not really lost, just working methodically, trying to develop my knowledge of indirect lighting in Mental Ray.

Read quite a bit of Master Zap, and DJX. And re-read.

A lot of time was spent working on floor solutions. It’s a thorny problem because:

  1. The reflection interpolation in the mia_materials creates significant artifacts when used in animation.
  2. Glossy reflections seem to be a problem for a lot of people.
  3. Env_blur is great for the environment, but doesn’t help at all with reflected geometry (, image planes…all of the things that were contributing to my reflections.
  4. The floor is just big – it’s meant to be an enticing area of negative space. It takes up a lot of pixels in HD. It needs to look nice, and that means a lot of accurate glossy reflections, which just seem to be expensive.

I eventually settles on a Phong-E. It’s not nearly as nice as the architectural material, but since I’m making an animation, it’s what I could get working in a reasonable time.

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