Gala Reel 2012

Ok, the WCC 2012 Gala reel is up.

[vimeo 41013217 w=500 h=281]

I ended up re-rendering the loft (for the nth time). I like the results, though – and I got to keep the rug.

Things I learned:

  • The loft render times were made MUCH shorter by using a lower-quality GI solution, then smoothing it out with a minimal FG contribution, then multiplying in an AO in post to get some better shadows that were less pronounced because of the GI merging.

Room for improvement:

  • Sound editing with effects AND music is a little bit trickier than I expected – I’m betting there’s a lot of things I don’t know about how to maintain clarity and separation of sounds
  • I’ll cut this down to about :30 for my professional reel; Gala reels are long.

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