Project 2, progress update 4

From the list:

  • UV mapped and painted the large  HVAC pipe
  • Fought with Mudbox and crashing problems :/
  • UV mapped the floor
  • Refined the glass breaking
  • Picked a camera position
  • Organized my scene file into groups and layers
  • Imported the toy
  • Switched to Sun-and-Sky, which is what I’m hoping to use for the final. Started refining light settings.
The floor texture is strictly temporary, but I wanted something for some contrast/perspective in my test render. The only object that’s actually textured so far is the curved HVAC pipe in the right middleground.
I suspect I’m going to have to re-do the UV mapping on my toy, since I did the UVs originally thinking I was going to have a normal standing-running kind of character. So the UV seams are on the bottom, and unfortunately, I think that’s the part I want to have facing the camera.
Here’s the progress render:

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