Project 2 progress update

Stuff I did:

  • Modeled more environment pieces
  • found and tested scripts for creating rocks and for scattering them
  • started destroying the base
  • found more Mars references

I had originally assumed I’d use a backplate for the Mars part of the image, but I’d really like to try a time-lapse effect here. For that to work, the shadows on the rocks in the background are going to have to move, which means they need be included. I figured that if I could find a rock-generator and a scatter script, that would just about as fast as cutting out dozens of rocks in 2d and putting them on image planes. Plus, if the rocks have 3d geometry, I won’t have to deal with any shadow/transparency issues that might arise with 2d plane solution.

The scripts seem to work well. It will take some time to generate the rocks I need and distribute them, but that’s the way it works sometimes.

Here’s a quick sun-and-sky render. Obviously I haven’t finished destroying the base yet, and I haven’t even broken the glass wall. And I need lots more smaller debris. My approach there I think will be to create a bunch of little shards and then use dynamics to let them fall on my larger pieces that are already in place.

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