Fixing old problems

Since I budgeted extra time for this first milestone, I thought I would revisit the modeling and fix some problems that were present in the version of the helmet I did for ANI 155. These problems were details, but for me, they were causing problems with realism.

The problems I wanted to address were:

  • the shoulder rim edges were perfectly sharp
  • the helmet met the shoulder girdle with no weld, roll, or seam
  • there were some floating screwheads from the previous helmet stand that needed repositioning

Additionally, there were still parts of the rusty metal texture that I wasn’t all that happy with – for one, the bump seemed to eat into the surface of the helmet too much. Previous versions had used separate shaders for the helmet attachments/protrusions, which I wanted to consolidate. On the technical side, I simplified the bump network with Layered Texture nodes instead of Layered Shader nodes.

Last, I wanted to create a new bump map for the wood texture that really drove home the sense of age that I was looking for.

I’ve also been experimenting with render layers and render passes; I’m still working out exactly which passes that I want – I’m leaning toward Ambient, Ambient Occlusion, Diffuse, Shadow, and Specular, although that might change based on usefulness in my experiments.

Additionally, I’m experiencing some definite problems with going back and forth between Maya 2011 and Maya 2012. Right now, scene files that are rendering with no errors in 2011 are causing Maya 2012 to shut down.

I hope to upgrade my home version to 2012 after this project; since that will bring me version-current relative to the labs at school, hopefully that will cut down on errors and increase my efficiency in completing these projects.